La Morera Playa – added value through architecture

Famous architects have always held a certain allure as creators of beautiful structures that beguile both the eye and soul in equal measure. Some, like Frank Lloyd Wright or Mies van der Rohe have become artists in their own right, remembered for their pioneering concepts in the use of space, light and form. Even today, so-called ‘starchitects’ add value to the projects they work on, meaning that a development or a residential home that carries the name of an illustrious architect will achieve a higher price than an identical one that doesn’t.

In art terms this is called provenance, and it is an ephemeral element built around concepts of fame, quality and uniqueness, especially when the famous architect in question is no longer with us. Within the Costa del Sol, perhaps the most renowned architect of all over the past 60 years or so was Melvin Villaroël, a visionary sculptor of beautifully imagined villas, apartment complexes and hotels set within the lush gardens that were such an integral part of his work. Those properties that bear his name have certainly become collector’s items.

Created by Melvin Villaroël

La Morera Playa is one of the last projects to have been designed by this talented architect, whose body of work and fame extends far beyond the Costa del Sol. Born in Bolivia, he established a name for himself in Marbella and eventually also earned an international reputation, working on bespoke and large-scale master-planned projects in Europe, the Middle East and South America. Known for the sensual, flowing forms of his Andalusian and Moroccan-inspired designs, Villaroël also introduced natural terracotta tones typical of Ouarzazate and other historic towns on the edge of the Sahara.

La Morera Playa reflects this effortless architecture, which blends in so well with the natural surroundings and is so complementary with contemporary styles of décor and living. Large, sunny terraces, spacious open-plan interiors full of light and beautifully landscaped gardens all form part of a signature style that adds name and value to the luxurious apartments and penthouses at La Morera Playa.

A stunning beachfront location completes the picture.